Welcome to the website of Dorset based energy therapies Practitioner and Eden Method teacher Katherine Williams.  Thank you for visiting!


CORONAVIRUS NOTICE – Although I am not offering ‘in person’ face to face appointments at the moment,  the ‘remote’ (Zoom/Skype) energy sessions I have offered since back in 2010 will of course continue.  These are convenient, effective, and will be especially valuable throughout this time of great change. 




Rebalance YOUR life…

Are you:

  • Experiencing stress, anxiety, lack of energy or motivation
  • Struggling to deal with change, challenges or feeling pessimistic
  • Feeling like you’ve lost your sparkle
  • Feeling affected by the energies of others or the world in general

I will happily help you to:

  • Feel more resourceful, relaxed, empowered, energetic and positive about life
  • Feel able to move forward and engage with life if you have been struggling with something
  • Cope with the challenges arising from chronic health conditions & pain/cravings/stress & anxiety/fears & phobias (having been conventionally checked out medically where appropriate)
  • Harness your energies and keep them balanced for resilience
  • Relax and focus on YOU
  • Move on from unpleasant memories and situations
  • Maximise a feeling of wellbeing & peak performance


couple in sun


Come and learn some great, simple ‘take home’ energy techniques for life. Feel more engaged with life/others again!

Clients either come along with specific objectives they wish us to work on as a team, or for general wellbeing – a kind of energetic ‘MOT and tune up’!  You do not have to be in a ‘low place’ to come for sessions – far from it, they are equally valuable for peak performance.




Tel: 07525 48 88 50 or
e-mail katherine@liferebalance.com