Booking & fees

pen and paper 0003Sessions are available either:

  • Face to face in Wimborne outskirts, East Dorset
  • via ‘Zoom’ from the comfort of your own home, or….
  • by telephone

E-mail for bookings, or to arrange a time for a free initial (no obligation) chat of approx 15 minutes to discuss your challenges and how I may be able to help.  Alternatively please leave me a message on 07525 48 88 50.

Current Fees

I endeavour to keep my fees as reasonable as possible for people, and hope you will agree that this represents excellent value bearing in mind that we will often be dealing with life changing ‘themes’. The fee will be reviewed at least annually and displayed both here and in the practice.

Eden Method (Donna Eden’s ‘Energy Medicine’)  A full, ‘in person’ appointment is approx 1.5 hrs (£70). If for any reason you would prefer a shorter or longer session, I am happy to discuss this.

Rates as from 06 April 2023

Informal initial ‘chat’ by phone up to 15 mins Free of charge
Eden Method (Donna Eden’s ‘Energy Medicine’) £70 for full length 1.5 hr session
EFT/Matrix Reimprinting  & integration of other techniques (in person, or via Zoom or Skype) £50 for 1 hour session  (£60 for 75  mins session, £70 for 90 mins)  *


* Note on session timings for EFT/Matrix Reimprinting –  The first (‘intake’) session of EFT/Matrix Reimprinting is a longer one, and you will need to book a 75 or 90 minute session on that occasion, as will be explained.  Thereafter, you  choose session length according to your need/budget/time available.  Feel free to ask me about this and we can discuss your needs.


If a series of sessions would be beneficial, but unaffordable due to perhaps being on benefits and unable to pay the full rate, please feel free to discuss with me.

Special Seasonal Offers

Please check my ‘offers‘ page from time to time re: promotions I may occasionally be running.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you know that you will not be able to attend a session, I ask that you notify me by phone or text in the first instance. I will be happy to reschedule your appointment at no charge as long as at least 24 hrs notice is given. There is a £20 cancellation fee if cancelling/rescheduling within 24 hrs, if contact is made in advance of the session start time. A fee equivalent to a one hour session is chargeable in the event of  a ‘no show’, because this session time will have been set aside especially for you.

To avoid cancellation charges it may be possible for you if appropriate, to switch from a ‘face to face’ appointment to a telephone or Skype/Zoom consultation instead.


Payment for online sessions is due at least 24 hrs in advance (details will be given when booking).  For ‘in person’ sessions, the option to pay by cash at the appointment is also available.


(See also ‘contact me‘ page)

E-mail, text or leave a message on 07525 48 88 50 / to make an appointment for your initial free chat.

In order to keep my own life and energies in balance, and to give of my best, I take on a manageable workload of clients/bookings at any particular time (and don’t generally take on new clients just prior to study leave or holiday periods). Since my airline days many years ago, I have continued to this day to embrace the mantra “put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others requiring assistance”. In order to be effective and have good work/life balance, we all need to do that, so I try to ‘walk the talk’!