Client Feedback

Man running with smiling face on white sign over his face

H.W. from Dorset, UK

“Thank you so very much Katherine….and for the beautiful treatment this morning.  I think it was more powerful than ever!”

Re: previous session – “Your lovely energy and the power of your treatment combined to make me feel a whole lot better!  I’ve had several prolonged times of energy and feeling human again.  Also quite a reduction in pain.  I managed to go for a walk this morning, and generally feel really hopeful.”

Please consult your GP in the first instance if experiencing pain and/or a medical condition.  This is complementary therapy,  and Katherine is not medically trained.


Zoom client from the Midlands, UK

“I can’t wait for our session next week.  You have changed my mindset already!”

(After 1st session).

“I definitely want to continue my sessions with you, as I need to work through a few issues…I really feel that the space you provide me is so unique in many ways, quite ineffable to be honest.”

(After a subsequent session).


Mrs J.L. from Dorset, UK

“I think the work we have done has really helped me and I feel transformed from the state I was in last December…”

(after 8 sessions)

(please note that this is the subjective experience of the client, and these results cannot be guaranteed for everyone)


R.T. from Sandbanks, UK

“Thank you very much for another immensely helpful session – energy medicine makes me feel so much more alive and relaxed.”


S.A.R. from Cheshire, UK

“I have to say I am loving these energy medicine exercises! I’m feeling like my body is really detoxing as a result, and I seem to be a bit more positive and active too. I also had to use a lot of the stress techniques during yesterday’s football match! With 4 more games to go, I’ll likely be employing them a lot more in that situation.”


Mr. D.M., Dorset, UK

Re: issues around being ‘stuck’ and feeling unable to move forward in life

“Excellent benefits. Released (unwanted) childhood memories and had a relaxing, calming effect…I got more out of the sessions than I expected”.


Ms K.J., Bournemouth, UK

Re: various life and relationship challenges

“……..the sessions are amazing and the results are incredible!”


Female client, Dorset (Face to face)

….”I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for yesterday and for helping me make sense of some of the stuff buzzing through my mind at the moment. It was such a useful session and I had such a “lightbulb” moment…..I’ve actually woken up this morning with a bit more enthusiasm for life again…..”


Mrs T.N., Poole, Dorset (Face to face)

…”I wish I had known about this YEARS ago…think of all the sleep I could have had!”


Female client, London (Skype)

Re: Panic attacks

“Sessions helped calm me down from panic attacks and brought me some relief. Helped heal trauma. I was very impressed with Katherine. She has helped me a great deal and was there for me in time of need. She is very skilled and helped put me at ease when I was in mid panic. She is a very good therapist/practitioner!”

Please consult your GP in the first instance if you have a medical condition


Female Arachnaphobe, Dorset (Face to face client)

Re: Spider phobia

“Just want to say a quick thank you for the help you have given me so far with my spider phobia. I still can’t believe I was able to touch that paperweight you have! I haven’t really had the opportunity to practise moving them in a glass, but my reactions were tested yesterday at work when my boss spotted a ‘black beast’ walking on the ceiling above my head whilst I was on the phone to a client. Usually that would have caused a meltdown (including shaking and probably panic induced tears) but I was able to stay relatively calm even when he dropped it! 🙂 so thank you very much.”

Further update – “I put my composure into practice last night by removing a spider that was walking on the ceiling of my bedroom. My special spider catcher didn’t work so I had to in the first instance let it run on a piece of card before I was able to put it in the catcher. There is NO way that I would have been able to do that previously!”


Mr J.E., based in Dubai, UAE (Overseas Skype client)

Re: Relationships

“Things are going really well, and with the help you were able to give me, along with some self help work, I have been able to move forward really well. More importantly, my relationship is now at a new and stronger level, so thank you again for everything you have done for me.”

Please note that I am not a relationships counsellor/expert. However, through our Matrix Reimprinting work, this client was able to overcome a specific traumatic relationship memory that had held him back, enabling him to move forward and be happy again.


Ms J.S., Devon (Re: her Mother in Dorset – face to face client)

Re: coping with issues around coping with illness/limited mobility etc

“Mum sounded really good today when I spoke to her after your session – more like how she used to be, which was lovely as she’s been very distant for a while now. So thank you.”

Please consult your GP in the first instance if you have a medical condition


Ms P.H., Gillingham, Dorset (Face to face client sessions)

Re: Unpleasant Memories, Procrastination, Self Confidence Issues etc

“Katherine is helping me to get over some very deep seated emotional tussles involving family members using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. This is working very well to remove “the sting” each time incidents are recalled. It is also working wonders in helping to sound less like a “cracked record”. I can now think of my sibling without such intense emotion. There are more issues to uncover but Katherine has already made a significant difference in only 2 sessions.

I am deeply impressed and have something very positive to look forward to each week in these sessions.”


Mrs D.N., Hampshire (Face to face)

Re: Snake Phobia

“…as we got into the tapping session, I could strongly feel some kind of release of tension. When the session was finished I was overwhelmed by the freedom of being able to sit quietly and think about a snake without the pressures and fear. Immediately I told her that if one slithered by in front of my feet, I would actually be interested in watching and following it! By the time I left I remember joking that I would quite like to go out and buy one as a pet! Interestingly my asthma seemed to disappear at the same time. The process is such a wonderful experience – it works!”

Please note that not all results are achieved as quickly as this very dramatic example of the power of EFT! This client’s issues were completely resolved in only one session, but this does tend to be the exception.


Ms J.E., West Dorset (Skype and face to face client)

Re: support around aspects of and contributors to chronic illness (ME/CFS)

“I found Katherine warm, caring, positive, smiling, understanding and lovely to be around – but also very professional, articulate, astute and honest. Katherine quickly gets to the root of problems and knows how to work best to resolve them. She taught me how to use EFT and NLP without her – educating so that she is no longer needed.”

Please contact your GP in the first instance if you have a medical condition


Female client

Re: Issues around having chronic neurological condition and plethora of unwanted negative emotions

…”the first session was a real eye opener….I thought I had dealt with all that ‘stuff’! ”

Please consult your GP in the first instance if you have a medical condition


Mrs K.S. Bournemouth (Face to face client)

Support during her chemotherapy/radiotherapy for lung, brain and other tumours

“Katherine has a very pleasant, friendly manner – both calming and reassuring – a lovely lady. I think overall this has enabled me to let go of some emotional issues which have been hindering my progress during cancer treatment. I feel far less stressed and much more positive about the future instead of staying in the present. I have made a list of goals to achieve in the near future, which I had previously thought not possible.”

Please consult your GP in the first instance if you have a medical condition


Mrs D.P. , Portsmouth (Face to Face)

Re: Hives/itching

“For years I have suffered with hayfever and hives – watery eyes, sneezes, annoying itches etc. Sometimes an obvious allergy, but other times no apparent reason. The main combat to this was always taking anti-histamine. However, I was suffering badly with the itching when Katherine tried some ‘tapping’ with me. It was incredible the intensity of the itching whilst going through the process – first it increased, then disappeared! The crazy thing is that from that day, it has never come back! Perhaps I do get the odd bout of sneezing, but I don’t suffer from hives any more.”

Please consult your GP in the first instance if you have physical symptoms/medical challenges.  This needs to happen before an appointment with Katherine can be arranged, as she is not medically trained and this is complementary therapy.