Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sessions of EFT/Matrix will I need?

A: This is a question I am asked a lot – every client is different, but as a guide, you will notice definite benefits in 1-3 sessions, and for some people this may be all they require (to stop a simple habit or deal with a single, non complex type of phobia for example). If the issue is more complicated (complex multiple phobias with panic attack, ongoing relationship difficulties etc), then this can require more support with a longer series of appointments. Occasionally, just one session can be enough to meet a single objective – such as to feel calm, collected and more confident ready for an interview for example.

Some clients find the benefits of the sessions so impressive that they choose to continue with me and progress to working on another completely unrelated issue. For example, they may have a few sessions around relationship anxieties, then want to move on to work on weight loss, phobias or other issues.

Q: What do I wear if I book a session of Eden Energy Medicine?

Whatever you feel comfortable in!  You will keep your clothes on throughout, although you may be asked to remove socks, chunky metal jewellery, mobile phones and any large metal belts.  Soft top and trousers/pilates gear or ‘lounging around the house’ type clothes would be ideal.  A shirt and tie would definitely not be comfortable, likewise a skirt, as limbs are sometimes moved around a little on the treatment table.

Q: How frequent will my sessions need to be?

I recommend that they are at least a few days apart – most people like to book in weekly. Some clients who travel from some distance away prefer a double appointment every other week, in order to make travel more cost effective. I have some clients who like a mix of face to face and Skype appointments.

Q: How is it possible to work via Skype, or telephone?

A: This is really only suitable for EFT/Matrix (tapping techniques), although I am able to teach some Eden Energy Medicine this way if you are unable to leave your home.  I have for example mixed tapping techniques with basic self help Energy Med techniques via Skype for wheelchair users and clients at a distance, and they have found this extremely helpful.

You do not necessarily have to have a webcam to be able to work via Skype – some clients prefer video on, others video off. I am happy to discuss the pros and cons with you so that you can decide.

I recommend that if opting for a telephone session, you use ‘hands free’ – many phones nowadays can be used with headphones or an earpiece that plugs in. Obviously you will need to organise a quiet, private space ‘at your end’ where you will not be interrupted (and definitely not whilst driving a vehicle!)

Q: What should I do if I am unable to attend a booked appointment?

A: In the event that you know you will not be able to attend a session, I ask that you notify me initially asap by phone or text. I will be happy to reschedule your appointment at no charge as long as you give at least 24 hrs’ notice. There will however be a £20 charge for any session that you book and miss without giving at least 24 hrs’ notification (or  fee equivalent to one hour’s appt if the session is not re-booked). To avoid the cancellation charge, it may be appropriate and possible to switch to a telephone consultation if for any reason you are unable to attend a face to face appt.

Q: Is there a waiting room?

A: Unfortunately not, so please arrive as near as possible to the time your appt is due to start (rather than early, as I might be with another client, preparing for your session or doing a free telephone chat). There is a local shop very close by should you arrive early and fancy a stroll/newspaper!  There is of course a lavatory for client use on arrival for the appt.