Free no obligation initial chat

Day planner and pen on wooden deskPlease e-mail or call  me on 07525 48 88 50 to book a mutually convenient time for your free discussion with me. During this initial chat (free for up to 15 mins), you will have the opportunity to outline your current challenge/s, find out how I can help, and see if you feel that I am someone you would like to work with. I will be honest with you if for whatever reason I feel that I am unlikely to be able to help you. Unfortunately I can’t work with everyone who would like to work with me, but I may be able to make suggestions or refer you to somewhere more suited to your needs instead. Please scroll down for further information.

If you decide you would like to go ahead and book a full appointment, I will then work with you either:

Woman legs sitting on couch in person (various Dorset locations)
 Cat staring laptop computer screen Via Skype or ‘Zoom’ (if we agree it would be suitable in your case) from the comfort of your own home, or…
 Black plastic receiver of rotary telephone 2 By telephone (I will discuss options with you)

The ‘methods’ I use in my sessions

I use a variety of cutting edge energy techniques, all with strange names and acronyms that you need not worry about! We can discuss this more during our first conversation, and talk about which might be most appropriate to your needs. EFT/’Tapping’ and Matrix Reimprinting involve you (or sometimes me), ‘tapping’ gently on specific acupoints on the body whilst focusing on issues, and are a little like a cross between talk therapy and acupuncture (without needles!) ‘Eden Energy Medicine’ is something completely different, but can complement this work or be booked as a ‘stand alone session’.

The important thing is that I mix and match these tools and tailor your session in order to be most effective and best help YOU, the INDIVIDUAL with your own unique energy and needs. Here is a little more information about each technique:

‘EFT’/’Tapping’ – Combines the use of ‘tapping’ on energy meridians and statements which ‘tune into’ core issues. EFT/’tapping’ is often referred to as ’emotional acupuncture’ or ‘acupuncture without needles’. You may have heard celebrities such as Michael Ball, Chris Evans and Paul McKenna talk about ‘tapping’ on various tv and radio shows, as it has become very popular in recent times. The basic ‘tapping’ routine is very simple, and is ideal for client self help work between sessions. During the sessions themselves however, we will be working together at a much more dynamic and advanced level.

Matrix Reimprinting – a technique which has evolved from advanced EFT/’tapping’ – useful where unpleasant or unhelpful memories/negative beliefs are present and affecting clients’ lives (this may well not even be evident to the client at a conscious level). The ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ book by Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby (both of whom trained me) is widely available and contains in depth information about the technique. Karl recently published another book on this subject, which is called ‘Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life: EFT Tapping using Matrix Reimprinting’ (Hay House books).

After her very first session of Matrix Reimprinting, this is what one of my Skype clients (someone working on emotional issues relating to chronic medical condition) had to say:

“……the session was a real eye opener – I thought I had dealt with all that ‘stuff’ – just goes to show!”

This client had already ‘explored’ her ‘stuff’ in great detail over a number of years, however the Matrix Reimprinting technique we used in the sessions proved to be highly enlightening and extremely powerful. The innovative, yet gentle approach meant the client did not feel she was ‘going over old ground’. (NB, please contact your doctor in the first instance if you have a medical condition)

PTT (Picture Tapping Technique) – a powerful combination of art therapy and EFT

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – simply put, this is the study of excellence – a sort of ‘operating manual for the mind’! NLP enables us to understand what makes us ‘tick’ and how we interpret everything around us (how we think, feel, relate to others etc). NLP helps people to gain a better understanding of themselves and highlight areas in which they can move forward. It has many applications, and is for example often used in business. Here however, I use it purely in the therapeutic context. NLP also encompasses various powerful relaxation and visualisation techniques.

‘Eden Energy Medicine’ – is the work of renowned and much respected American energy medicine practitioner/teacher of several decades, Donna Eden. Donna is a very engaging, gifted energy practitioner, and author of the best selling books ‘Energy Medicine’, ‘Energy Medicine for Women’ and ‘The Energies of Love’. Training to be a ‘Certified Practitioner’ or ‘Clinical Practitioner’ with her organisation takes years of dedication, and is very thorough (including 15 examinations/’graduation exams’ plus many more ‘observations’ by experienced tutors) so you can be sure that this results in having many valuable ‘tools’ in the toolkit which I can use with you. However, I must clarify that the ‘medicine’ referred to in the title refers to your own ‘energy systems’ (acupoints, meridians, chakras, aura etc) and is nothing whatsoever to do with conventional medicine!  This is very much complementary therapy.

Clients and I work as a ‘team’, as I help them explore and become more familiar with their energy, and it becomes clear which energetic patterns need help.  After simple ‘energy testing’,  I then work with a unique and exciting blend of different energy techniques to ‘balance’ the systems that need it. If you decide to work with me,  we’ll agree on (VERY simple but effective) things you can do between sessions to help yourself, and which will extend the benefits of our work together. This, apart from being incredibly empowering for clients, obviously has the added bonus of making the sessions more cost effective.  For those with a sceptical, analytical mind, I can assure you that although this might sound rather ‘airy fairy’, we will be ‘testing’ your energy in a very measurable, replicable way (using kinesiology type techniques), and you’ll be able to see/feel for yourself how your body responds to the testing!  (By the way, it’s perfectly okay, and fairly common to come along feeling a little sceptical to begin with – try to keep an open mind and feel free to ask questions as we go along).

A comprehensive session of ‘Eden Energy Medicine’ will usually last around 1.5 hours (unless we arrange otherwise – extended sessions can be arranged if you would like longer).  This usually includes the initial intake/conversation, followed by ‘energy testing’ (which in some disciplines is known as ‘muscle testing’), and then selecting from a myriad of options we can use to balance what we find.  NO session is likely to be exactly the same as any other – it will be uniquely tailored to your energies at any particular appointment.

If coming along for EFT/Matrix Reimprinting etc, some tailored Eden Energy Medicine exercises/tips/techniques can, if you would like, be woven into those sessions in order to provide extra benefits (and will be charged at the same rate).

You certainly do not have to be ‘unwell’, or at a low ebb to enjoy the benefits of these sessions – they address your body’s many different ‘energy’ systems, and are thus suitable for everyone looking to optimise their heath and wellbeing.  It is very empowering learning about your own energy, and you will always go away with some great self help tips to use at home!

Additional Information

  • Please see ‘bookings/fees’ page for fees and duration of sessions.
  • Please note that these sessions are not counselling/psychotherapy, nor are they a replacement for conventional medical consultations/treatment/medication.
  • The Wimborne location is easy to find, easy to park right outside, and easily accessible. It is a pet free and smoke free environment.  The Ferndown location also has parking.
  • Benefits extend far beyond the time that the client is in the session, and handouts and recommendations for ‘self help’ work for between sessions are often given. Clients learn new self help tools to use for life, whatever the issue, so this is an excellent investment.

In order to keep my own life and energies ‘in balance’, and to give clients the very best of me, there is a limit to the number of clients I schedule in – your session will not be rushed!

I am dedicated to working with clients and teaching/workshops at the moment, so unfortunately do not offer supervisor/’mentorship’ services for practitioners at this time.  However, as well as running my own workshops, I now offer short courses in Energy Medicine for Beginners (‘EM101/102’), working in partnership with Donna Eden’s USA based organisation.  Please see the events page for dates!


Guest speaking in Devon (2012)

Subject to availability/workload, I can also be booked for talks, workshops and energy medicine ‘parties’.

Drop me a line to arrange a free 15 minute chat about your challenges and how I may be able to help: or tel: 07525 48 88 50